A Game Conventioner's Guide: What Should You Bring To PAX East?

A Game Conventioner’s Guide: What Should You Bring To PAX East?

PAX East rapidly approaches, which means you’re probably starting your packing list right about now. And whether you’re a PAX East veteran or attending for the first time, it may be tricky, downright overwhelming even, figuring out exactly what to bring with you.

Well, allow me to pack for you. Here are some things you must absolutely bring with you this weekend. This stuff, and underwear. You may need underwear.

Portable gaming device

Believe me, whether you’re waiting in line to play a game on the floor, sitting and waiting for a panel to start, or killing time in the bathroom line, you’re going to want a portable gaming system with you.

Whether it’s a 3DS, PS Vita, or your iPhone, having a way to play games on the go a great way to fit in some game time at PAX East. It is, after all, a videogame convention. And I can’t tell you how many times playing a game in line has become a conversation starter.

And don’t forget your charger!

Tabletop games

If you’re a proud owner of any tabletop games, you should definitely bring them to PAX East. While there is an entire freeplay area inside the convention center that allows attendees to borrow tabletop games for play late into the evening, it’s still nice to have your own handy. Many hotel lobbies turn into impromptu tabletop gaming areas at all hours of the day or night, and being able to fit in a quick game of Munchkin or Dominion between panels is a great way to bond with new friends or pass the time.

PAX East is also a great opportunity to educate newcomers to tabletop gaming. Speaking from experience, board games can seem really intimidating at first, so take the opportunity to show those noobies the tabletop ropes.


This may seem obvious, but I’ll say it anyway- bring a camera! You’ll never know who you’ll run into in the hallways, on the show floor, or even in your hotel elevator, and you’ll want to be able to capture that precious moment with that girl cosplaying as your favorite Final Fantasy character.

Your Geekiest Apparel

While PAX East is at its core a videogame convention, all manner of geek culture will be accepted this weekend. So you’re going to want to dress to impress. Whether it’s a pair of TARDIS earrings, your favorite Lord of the Rings t-shirt, or a samurai sword, your geekiest clothes and accessories will yield all manner of compliments and high fives.

If you work a 9-5 like me, or maybe you’re just too self-conscious to geek out in the outside world, PAX East is a great opportunity to let that geek flag fly.

Have I forgotten anything totally vital to the PAX East experience? Please share in the comments!