PAX East Boston Indie Showcase Preview: Lawnmower Challenge

PAX East Boston Indie Showcase Preview: Lawnmower Challenge

Lawnmower Challenge, another selection for this year’s Boston Indie Showcase at PAX East, has done something interesting: it’s taken a chore that most consider a sweaty nuisance, and turned it into a mind-bending puzzle game.

In Lawnmower Challenge, your quest is simple: mow all the grass. However, these aren’t your average suburban lawns. There are locked gates that can only be unlocked with a key, unmowable sections that need planting, and gates that can only be opened from a certain direction. These all would be simple obstacles to overcome if you weren’t going for a perfect score, as your steps are counted and the fewer you take, the more stars you’ll earn.

Don’t let the simple controls and cute graphics fool you; it’ll take considerable planning to complete each level at three stars.

All the Boston Indie Showcase titles seem to have amazing music, and Lawnmower Challenge is no exception. The score is a simple little tune, but I found myself humming along to it.

The great thing about Lawnmower Challenge is that it’s multiplatform. Those on Android can pick it up right now, and it will be available shortly for the Kindle Fire and iOS devices.  And you can always check it out this weekend at PAX East on the show floor.