Yet Another Reboot of 'The Mummy' is Coming

Yet Another Reboot of ‘The Mummy’ is Coming

Universal has announced that it is looking to bring The Mummy franchise back from the dead once again. The studio is planning on a reboot of the already rebooted series, which like a lot of Hollywood is a safe move.

And no, Brendan Fraser probably won’t be attached.

Universal has already rebooted the series once with Stephen Sommers’ loose 1999 remake of 1932’s original Mummy movie. That film spawned a myriad of sequels, including spinoffs of like the Scorpion King,which had spinoffs of its own.  Now the film is getting a reboot by Prometheus co-writer Jon Spaihts.

It is yet unclear if the film will be a a reboot of the action adventure Brendan Fraser trilogy or if it will lean more in the direction of horror and the classic monster Boris Karloff made famous. The producer of the recent films, Sean Daniel, is set to return as producer of the new film, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the film will be part of the new series.

Spaihts current credits only include The Darkest Hour, which was abysmal. He has the yet to be released Prometheus under his belt, which is expected to do well. If Prometheus does well at the box office, we can expect that The Mummy reboot will get fast tracked.

No word yet on the director or any acting talent that will appear in the film.

More info on the project as it becomes available.