Box Office Report: 'The Hunger Games' Has More Left in the Tank, Takes the Weekend Again

Box Office Report: ‘The Hunger Games’ Has More Left in the Tank, Takes the Weekend Again

Kind of hard to not sound redundant at this point, but The Hunger Games once again beats off a flurry of new comers and takes the weekend. With a very solid hold from last weekend, the adaptation has now brought in over $337 Millions dollars. There  is no reason the film wont play well over the next few weeks and the box office world braces itself for a huge summer.

Unforgivably, The Three Stooges came in at second place with $17.a Million over the weekend. This actually represents the third highest opening for a Farrelly Brothers film which seems like encouragement for the future of these types of films. The general success of the film isn’t repulsive because of the film itself, but more so because it goes on record as beating whats at number 3.

The spectacular The Cabin in the Woods debuted in the third slot this weekend with a hair under $15 Million. In context to what the film is, and how it was marketed, that is a pretty solid number. It just stings a bit that a film as effective and crowd pleasing as this isn’t going to have a bigger audience in the movie theater.

I will give a ton of credit to Lionsgate and the people who have seen the movie in advance, there is a very big structural element to the film that has been well hidden to the general movie goer. I really think this is a film that will find it’s audience sometime after it’s initial release. The movie is incredible, and coming in third behind The Three Stooges should only bolster its already impressive cult status resume.

The rest of the weekend was rather soft, with Titanic 3D having a strong hold for a 3D re-release. Still fathoms away from Avatar, but as a fan film re-issues of all shapes and sizes it is good to see one successful. And in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic herself,  Lockout, the other major new release of the weekend, drowned horribly coming in ninth with a bit over $6 Million.

Next weekend sees very little to stand in the way of The Hunger Games, although unless it has some incredible hold its time at the top is going to be coming to an end sooner rather than later.

1 The Hunger Games $21,500,000
2 The Three Stooges $17,100,000
3 The Cabin in the Woods $14,850,000
4 Titanic 3D $11,625,000
5 American Reunion $10,700,000
6 Mirror Mirror $7,000,000
7 Wrath of the Titans $6,905,000
8 21 Jump Street $6,800,000
9 Lockout $6,250,000
10 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax $3,020,000