PAX East Boston Indie Showcase XTRA: 'Not Without You'

PAX East Boston Indie Showcase XTRA: ‘Not Without You’

One of my goals this year for PAX East was to play every single game featured in the Boston Indie Showcase, a hand-picked collection of excellent mobile games created by independent developers. After checking out all the other games featured in the showcase, I was excited to see what Not Without You had in store for me on the show floor.

Out of all the games in the Boston Indie Showcase, most of which were very puzzle-heavy, Not Without You was definitely the most challenging of them all.

The blue furry creatures of Not Without You need your help escaping from the lab, which would be easy peasy, if the creatures didn’t move in tandem with one another. Using the environment and obstacles placed in your way, your task is to arrange these creatures in the right formation to lead them out of the lab doors in as few moves as possible.

Not Without You has no official release date because it still trying to get off the ground- but you can help! There’s still 22 days left in their fundraising efforts to finish and release their game via PC, iOS, Android, Mac, and the Web.  Visit their Indiegogo campaign page, and if you donate $5 to their cause, they’ll give you beta access.

This year’s picks for the Boston Indie Showcase were all fantastic. I’ve loved playing those that have been released, and I can’t wait to support the rest of the developers when they release their excellent games for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.