'Protoype 2' Revenge Trailer Hits the Net

‘Protoype 2’ Revenge Trailer Hits the Net

With less than two weeks before the release of Prototype 2, the most emotional trailer so far for the game hit the net this week. As we have discussed before on the Flickcast, the right music can make or break a trailer. In the case of Prototype 2, the choice of Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” is a perfect fit to get the audience emotionally invested in the story of James Keller and his plot for revenge against Alex Mercer.

Up until now, what we have seen of Prototype 2 has been adrenaline fueled machismo and scenes of epic violence, especially with GameStop’s pre-order campaign. For the first time, the audience gets a chance at seeing the human side of the game’s protagonist with a somewhat relatable start to the trailer. With so many soldiers fighting overseas right now, it becomes easy for the audience to identify with a character who is separated from his family by the current conflict. This only makes the hit feel even harder when Keller returns home to see the virus in New York has claimed his family.

If the team at Radical can correct the problems many people saw with the previous [Prototype] like unfair enemy AI shooting missiles from blocks away off screen, they have the potential to make a much stronger game with Prototype 2. In the first [Prototype], the main character Alex Mercer was pretty much a jerk and very hard to get behind. Now with a war veteran looking to avenge his family, there’s something for the audience to get behind more than the senseless violence of the original game.

Prototype 2 comes to XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 on April 24th from Activision and Radical Entertainment. Check back to the Flickcast for more, including a full review of the game once it is released. Check out the full Prototype 2 “Revenge” Trailer after the jump.