Dev Diary: 'Prototype 2' Reveals the Leader of the Pack Ability

Dev Diary: ‘Prototype 2’ Reveals the Leader of the Pack Ability

Just days ago, Radical Entertainment gave us the “Revenge” trailer for Prototype 2 which had the first and only real emotional moment the general public has seen yet for James Keller. Now, Radical goes back to their old tricks with the reveal of the Leader of the Pack ability as you will see in the Developer Diary below.

An ability new to James Keller that Alex Mercer never possessed, whether it be a mutation of the virus as it went from Mercer to Keller or because of Keller’s military background that caused it to happen, is the Leader of the Pack. When Keller uses this ability, he summons a group of Hunters, the hulking beasts that were the bane of many players during the first Prototype , that do his bidding as Keller is able to watch from a safe distance.

Looking at the this Dev Diary for Prototype 2, these Hunters provide massive chaos and damage to nearby targets. Ground troops, tanks and even helicopters aren’t safe as the Hunters rip through flesh and concrete alike. This looks to provide an interesting new gameplay strategy as well with a player directing the chaos from the distance as opposed to being stuck in the middle of it at all times.

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