PAX East 2012 XTRA Hands-On: 'Go Home Dinosaurs!'

PAX East 2012 XTRA Hands-On: ‘Go Home Dinosaurs!’

You’re a gopher, minding your own business, trying to enjoy a nice picnic, when all of a sudden dinosaurs crash the party and try to steal your delicious barbecued meats. So of course you have no choice to defend yourself, tower defense style, against the oncoming onslaught of giant reptiles. This is Go Home Dinosaurs, and I got a chance to check it out last weekend on the show floor at PAX East.

In Go Home Dinosaurs, you’ll start out with one lone gopher. By collecting trees you’ll earn enough coconuts to start building defenses around the board. Between harvesting trees, adding defenses, and keeping track of how far the dinosaurs are getting, the game board can get frantic, but if you reach the end of the level without letting any dinosaurs through to your barbequed meats, you win!

As you continue to play and collect coins, you can purchase equipable upgrades- some will increase how many or how strong a particular troop is, or start a level with coconuts already in hand. These upgrades come in the form of trading cards, and you can equip up to three upgrade cards and three types of troops at one time.

Go Home Dinosaurs became more frantic and difficult as the levels progressed, but still has enough quirky style to appeal to kids. I’m hoping this game takes off once it’s released- I think the world is ready for another awesome tower defense game.

Go Home Dinosaurs should be available soon on the Google Chrome Web Store.