Google Drive Now Live

Google Drive Now Live

With the huge pupularity of services like Dropbox, it was only a matter of time before others joined in the competition for your cloud-based storage needs. Now, a major player in all things cloud, Google, has taken the wraps off its Google Drive service.

The service, which allows you to store things in Google’s cloud, comes with 5GB of free space to start, with the option of adding more as you need it. The upgraded storage options come in 25 and 100 GB increments with cost of $2.49 and $4.99 a month respectively.

These upgrades also increase your Gmail storage space as well bringing it up to 25 GB total at both upgrade levels. In addition, if you really need more space, you can get up to 16 TB, but that will set you back almost 800 bucks a month, so it might not be worth it to you — at least right now.

There’s also a Google Drive App for Windows and Mac which, like Dropbox, allows you to sync your Google Drive to your desktop or laptop and interact with it that way. At the moment, there’s no dedicated Google Drive app for iOS devices like the iPhone or iPad (nor does the Google app for IOS appear to let you access your Google Drive), but let’s hope one hits soon enough.

After trying to Google Drive app for Mac OSX, it works pretty much as you would expect with all your Google Docs items available to you as well as the ability to upload and save items created in other apps like Micsofot Word. All in all, it works pretty well with no issues so far.

Looks like Dropbox has got itself some real competition now.