Full Trailer for 'Dark Knight Rises' Hits The Web

Full Trailer for ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Hits The Web

Though we know you aren’t dragging your heels to see Marvel’s The Avengers this weekend, one thing you don’t have to wait till then to enjoy is the brand new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s “final” film in his Batman trilogy, Dark Knight Rises.

The trailer is set to hit at the beginning of Marvel’s superhero mashup flick this weekend, but the marketing gurus at WB thought it wouldn’t hurt much if the trailer was released a few days early.

Up until now, we haven’t gotten much of the film’s plot, outside of the fact that we know Bane, Catwoman, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were all in the film. Now, we’re getting a bit more of the substance, as to what happens to Bale’s Bruce Wayne, what Catwoman’s role is like, and why Gordon-Levitt is always looking so surprised.

Check out the trailer right after the jump, and be sure to catch Dark Knight Rises in theaters just after Comic-Con, on July 20th.

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