Check This Out: 'Game Of Thrones' Theme Done Entirely by Floppy Drives

Check This Out: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theme Done Entirely by Floppy Drives

It’s safe to say there’s at least one show geeks and nerds in many lands can agree is pretty awesome. That show is, of course, Game of Thrones.

The shows visuals, casting and story have captivated audiences and made the show a success for HBO. Another major element of Game of Thrones that contributes to its success is the series’ musical score.

One fan, YouTube’s own MrSolidSnake745, has taken his love of the Game of Thrones score to even great heights and made his own hommage to the series’ main title theme.

The difference here is that he did it all with eight floppy disk drives. Putting aside the fact that even finding eight floppy drives is a pretty amazing feat these days, this video is still pretty impressive.

Check it out after the break.