Take a Look At Some Previews For New Shows Coming to CBS This Fall

Earlier this week we had some previews for upcoming Fall shows from our friends at NBC. Now, thanks to the miracle of modern technology, we can being you even more previews.

This time around its shows from CBS, including a modern day western (well the 60s at least) and a detective show featuring the great Sherlock Holmes. Of the shows previewed, we kinda like the Western called Vegas the best. It looks fun and, let’s face it, we love Vegas.

Plus, it features Dennis Quaid, Carrie-Anne Moss and Michael Chiklis, so that’s cool too. Sadly, it also stars Jason O’Mara, who is pretty much the kiss of death for new shows, so we don’t hold out much hope Vegas will survive.

But who knows, maybe the show will get lucky. We’ll have more previews as they come out. In the meantime, click through to check out the videos we’ve got so far.

Partners – Comedy

Elementary – Drama

Vegas – Drama

CBS’ Made In Jersey – Drama

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