New Trailer and Clips for Post-Apocalyptic 'The Collapse' Arrive

New Trailer and Clips for Post-Apocalyptic ‘The Collapse’ Arrive

Let’s not forget there’s more to entertainment than what comes out of the collective Hollywood brain trust. And thank goodnesss for that or we would constantly be bombarded with movies like Battleship and endless other Transformers clones.

Fortunately, there’s more independent-minded production companies that try to make more original and edgy fare. One of those companies is Anchor Bay, and while it’s not indie in the strictest sense of the word (it’s owned by Starz), it still tries to bring some edgy and creative work to the table.

One example of this is the upcoming post-apocalyptic thriller The Collapse. In the movie, an “unknown event has catapulted civilization into a fatal downward spiral. The Weaver family — father Scott (John Fantasia), young adult son Aaron (Steve Vieira), mother Emily (Lise Moule) and teenage daughter Rebecca (Anna Ross) — desperately tries to survive.”

Check out the trailer and clips after the break. Look for The Collapsed to arrive on June 5.

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    May 24, 2012 at 3:21 pm


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