'LEGO Lord of the Rings' Debut Trailer Shows Off A LEGO Balrog

‘LEGO Lord of the Rings’ Debut Trailer Shows Off A LEGO Balrog

Ever since the dawn of LEGO games there has been a hole. A hole in the catalog, a hole in the very hearts of LEGO fans world-wide, and that hole was a lack of a LEGO Lord of the Rings game. Thankfully, all the legal red tape has been decimated and WB Games and Traveler’s Tales look to fill that hole as soon as possible.

The debut trailer for the long-awaited game has hit and it promises a true to the movies experience. The LEGO games were long presented with out dialogue, but in 2012 the developers are breaking away from that tradition. LEGO Lord of the Rings seems to take full use of dialogue from the films, while retaining that LEGO playfulness.

Of course this trailer also shows off a couple really exciting LEGO interpretations. First we get to see the Balrog in all of his LEGO goodness, and he comes across very well in the form. We also see most of the Fellowship in LEGO form, which includes the first ever LEGO Sean Bean.

At this point I want to buy about 30 copies of this game so I can play it daily and not worry about it wearing out. Hopefully those stupid high expectations, that I no doubt share with many of you, can be met by the developers.

Take a look at the debut trailer after the jump.

Seriously, a LEGO Sean Bean, truly we live in a magical future!

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