Clive Barker Set to Write and Direct 'Gladiators vs. Zombies' for Amazon Studios

Clive Barker Set to Write and Direct ‘Gladiators vs. Zombies’ for Amazon Studios

Two of my favorite sub-genres are Gladiator and Zombie movies. So, imagine my excitement when hearing the news that horror master Clive Barker, of Hellraiser fame, has been tapped to write a new film for Amazon Studios called, appropriately enough, Gladiators vs. Zombies.

That’s right horror fans, the Barkmeister himself is set to rewrite and direct the film which will center on a shaman who’s about to die. Before he’s killed he lets loose the first plague of zombies against Rome and it’s up to a group of gladiators to stop the hungry zombie hordes.

Sounds like a winner to me. Zombies are really popular these days, even showing up in the (spoilers) recent season finale of Game of Thrones. Plus, The Walking Dead is going as strong as ever so the zombie craze seems to have no end in sight.

Still, any movie is a risk and this could also end up being a huge disappointment. Anyone remember Cowboys vs. Aliens? Yeah.