Reebok to Produce A Line of Marvel Themed Sneakers

Reebok to Produce A Line of Marvel Themed Sneakers

Sneakers are a big deal, a person’s shoes say a lot about them and quality sneakers are a bold statement. Up until now the sneaker world has pretty much been the realm of sports stars, with a couple tiny detours into general entertainment.

Now Reebok is looking for another brand of recognizable heroes to draw their foot apparel inspiration, Marvel Super Heroes. As opposed to the comic themes chucks we have seen in the past, these shoes draw inspiration from specific characters but don’t have specific comic imagery all over them. In fact, only the Captain America pair, with the giant A on the front, come across as immediately comic book based.

Eight total pairs have been announced thus far, with the shoes representing Captain America, Wolverine, Black Widow, Emma Frost, Deadpool, Sabertooth, Chamber, and the Red Skull. All of the shoes also seem to be in a range of styles, which will hopefully broaden the appeal of the sneakers and make the set more popular.

Aside from these eight, also alludes to a Spider-Man themed pair as well that should be announced sooner rather than later. The shoes will be released in waves, with the first sneakers based on Black Widow and Emma Frost available this July.

Take a look at a full gallery of the shoes after the jump.

Personally, I really like the Sabertooth and Captain America pairs, but what I would adore is a fantastic Gambit sneaker. The black and pink/purple/red color scheme could look very sharp in trendy shoe form!