One of Next Summer's Big Contenders, 'Pacific Rim', Unleashes an Intriguing First Image

One of Next Summer’s Big Contenders, ‘Pacific Rim’, Unleashes an Intriguing First Image

It is never to early to get excited about one of next summer’s tent pole films. So with that in mind we turn our gaze to the first official image from Pacific Rim, Guillermo Del Toro’s love letter to Japanese giant monster movies. That last sentence alone should have you contemplating lining up now for the best possible seat for the film.

One of the stars of Pacific Rim is the endlessly cool Idris Elba who is on the fast track to out dueling Samuel L. Jackson to the most bad ass mother in Hollywood title. Further establishing that claim is this image in question from Pacific Rim.

Cool is a word thrown around a lot these days, so much so that it has kind of lost some luster. Allow me to stress fully how cool this is, Elba just standing there in his giant robot flight suit, presumably about to go lay some smack down on giant monsters in the streets of Hong Kong. This exists!

Giant monster movies are cheesy, but there is something innocent about them, something pure. Seeing something as innocuous as a lizard or a moth one hundred times its normal size and being terrifying is the nightmare of children, the fears you have when normal life concerns can’t even compute in your mind. Del Toro is the perfect director to take that type of story and make it gratifying on the largest scale.

This is, no doubt, the first of many gleeful Pacific Rim updates from us here at The Flickcast, stay tuned.