The Casting Carousel of 'Django Unchained' Comes Full Circle

The Casting Carousel of ‘Django Unchained’ Comes Full Circle

Like any good Tarantino script, a very large number of quality actors wanted to be apart of it. This leads to lots of people expressing public interest in taking roles only to have to bow out  when schedules do not align. As was the case early on in production when Jonah Hill reportedly was cast in the film.

Well things have finally come full circle as Deadline reports that Hill has indeed joined the cast after all:

The Weinstein Company has set Jonah Hill to play a role in Django Unchained, which is in production. I’m trying to find out who he’ll be playing, but am told it won’t be Scotty Harmony, the kid who loses Django’s slave wife Broomhilda to Calvin Candie… Hill was eyed for the role early on, but had to turn it down because his schedule was so busy. He’s back in another role.

Good for Hill and good for the movie to add another seasoned actor in what might be a bot part. Often times you hear people knock a film for ‘wasting’ a skilled actor in a smaller role. I actually take the opposing stance, the better the actor you can get for any role only enhances the movie.

Django Unchained hits cinemas on Christmas Day.