What Would 'Super Mario Bros.' Look Like Today?

What Would ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Look Like Today?

This is a question posed by the guys over at Blumasters.  The team there didn’t look to reinvent the wheel by introducing new gameplay mechanics but instead took the base premise of the original Super Mario Bros. and just updated the visuals of it. Every now and then, a fan made film or tech demo comes along that recaptures the magic and intrigue of the original title it was based on and this is one of them.

In this modern take of Super Mario Bros., there are updated sound effects and visual that reflect the state of gaming today. Sound effects are as realistic as possible while the imagery goes over the top when possible. Blocks explode when Mario smashes his head into them and the fires burn realistically once Mario grabs his favorite power up. And there is even an awesome ending to cap off the infamous world 1-1, probably the most played stage in all of gaming history.

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