Check This Out: 'Video Game Rock Medley'

Check This Out: ‘Video Game Rock Medley’

A few months ago on The Bitcast, WallE talked with me about some of the best and most memorable music in gaming with everything from Donkey Kong Country to Halo to even Ducktales. Many of us have spent years of our lives in front of video games and the most iconic songs are embedded in our heads. If you had to put together a soundtrack of the most iconic all smashed together, could you imagine what it’d sound like?

Swedish YouTube user and musician FreddeGedde (a.k.a. Freddie25) did and pieced together his own medley with some of these amazing pieces all together. Playing the guitar, keyboards, kazoo and tinwhistle all himself, FreddeGedde collaborated with drummer Louis Abramson to put together a piece that rings true to all of the original music highlighted within.

Take a look after the jump of FreddeGedde’s Video Game Rock Medley and his YouTube channel for more of his awesome work.