Is James Cameron Planning On Shooting Three ‘Avatar’ Sequels Back-to-Back-to-Back?

Sigourney Weaver is about to star in a new USA channel politics themed show, Political Animals. Which as put her on the press circuit that looks to gain some knowledge on her future endeavors. Which may or may not include a sequel to the most successful film of all time.

While talking to the fine folks over at Showbiz 411, Mrs. Weaver let slip what might be the future plans for Cameron’s blue-tinted billion dollar franchise:

Then she films “Avatar” 2, 3, and 4 with James Cameron. That’s right: they’re making three sequels to the blue 3D phenom all at the same time. Weaver says she has no idea how long it will take, or how it’s going to work. “I just show up,” she said. If “Political Animals” is renewed, USA will have to wait until all that’s over.

The rumor mill suggested that there would be two Avatar sequels in the works for a simultaneous shoot, but this is the first we have heard of a full trilogy shooting back-to-back-to-back. This news also begs the question of exactly how does Sigourney Weaver’s character return, she didn’t seem to make it in the first film.

Keep tuned to The Flickcast for any updates on this franchise as they break, it is kinda popular so I guess we are honor bound to cover it.

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