Latest 'Breaking Bad' Season Five Trailer Is, As Usual, Awesome

Latest ‘Breaking Bad’ Season Five Trailer Is, As Usual, Awesome

If you’ve never watched the FX original series Breaking Bad, you’re really missing out. It’s chock full of great characters, great performances and enough drama to fill up ten regular network shows.

Yes, you can tell we really love it around here. Fortunately, the show is returning to FX soon with all new episodes for season five and just as fortunately (for all of you) FX is letting loose the trailers for the upcoming season.

Of course, we’ve got the latest one for you today. In it you’ll clearly see why we love this show. Bryan Cranston’s Walter White is a bad ass.

Check out the trailer after the break. Breaking Bad returns on July 15 to FX at 10/9C.