New 'Total Recall' Trailer Makes Us Recall A Great Film

New ‘Total Recall’ Trailer Makes Us Recall A Great Film

The original Total Recall is a classic in most senses of the word. Paul Verhoeven’s original film might have taken liberties with the source material, but it exceeded as a sci-fi action extravaganza. The remake hopes to capitalizes on the original film’s name brand, while adapting a story more close to the Philip K. Dick story that inspired both films.

In most of the marketing thus far we have seen hints of familiarity with the 80’s classic, but this new trailer all pretense seems to have been shed. Even though the film is purported to be a more faithful adaptation, the film clearly is taking a lot of its cues from the previous movie.

Even though there are many more parallels exposed in this new trailer, the movie still looks like a slick and handsome sci-fi actioner. The cast is beyond solid, we know the story is a stand out, and the effects work looks to be as competent as you could ask for. Even if Total Recall doesn’t turn into a classic, the trailer suggests it will at least be an adequate summer adventure.

You can check out the full trailer after the jump, and if it sells you, Total Recall hits cinemas later this summer.

It is good to see three-boobed hooker is making her way to the theater’s again, it has been too long!