Some Snazzy 'Iron Man 3' Concept Art To Ogle At

Some Snazzy ‘Iron Man 3’ Concept Art To Ogle At

Concept art is one of the great hidden arts.Next time you find yourself in a book store, do yourself a favor and browse the film second and thumb through some of the ‘Art Of…’ books. They are often filled with gorgeous imaginings that serve as some of the earliest inspiration for how the final film will look.

So getting a chance to gaze at some concept art for one of next summer’s biggest films, Iron Man 3, is a really cool treat. It allows us to see an internal perspective on the film, before we have been tainted by the final product.

The official Facebook page for Iron Man has debut this art in the form of what looks to be an exclusive comic-con poster. That deduction stems from the large and in all caps ‘EXCLUSIVE’ next to a Comic-Con logo, Batman has nothing on our detective skills.

Iron Man 3 is filming now, but is expected to have a big presence at Comic-Con this year. Disney will want to showcase something from ‘Phase 2’ at the show in the wake of the tremendous success of The Avengers in May. So keep your eyes peeled to The Flickcast in the coming weeks for all your Marvel-Movieverse news bits from the show.

You can check out the full version of the concept art after the jump.

I wonder why Tony is down to just a single boot and glove, and who are those gun-toting guys in Stark’s face? So many questions.