'Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview' Now Available In iTunes

‘Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview’ Now Available In iTunes

It’s 1995 and your Steve Jobs. You’ve left Apple after a bitter struggle with the guy you brought in to help run the company. You’ve founded a new company, NeXT, which will one day become one of the main building blocks of the most successful tech company in the world.

But what are you thinking?

Well, if you’re interested in what Steve Jobs was thinking at that time, you’re in luck because Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview is now at iTunes for you to watch, enjoy and learn from. Here’s bit more on the interview itself:

In the interview Jobs talks about his pioneering days with Steve Wozniak, when they built a Blue Box and phoned the Pope; how they – “two guys who didn’t know much” — assembled the first Apple computer and went on to found the Apple company. “I was worth around a million dollars when I was 23, over 10 million dollars when I was 24 and over 100 million dollars when I was 25 – and it wasn’t really important!”

Jobs recalls the visits he made to Xerox Palo Alto Research Center and how it inspired the making of the Macintosh, the world’s first modern PC, when he was “on a mission from God to save Apple.” He talks frankly and sadly about his enforced departure from Apple and explains what he is doing at NeXT (which he would soon sell to Apple and whose software would then be at the heart of the first iMac’s operating system). Finally in spell-binding terms, he offers his vision of a digital future – a world of wonderful products created by artists and poets.

For more, check out the trailer below.