'The Wolverine' Might Have Just Landed Jessica Biel For A Juicy Role

‘The Wolverine’ Might Have Just Landed Jessica Biel For A Juicy Role

The Wolverine should not exist. The first Wolverine solo movie was so awful that even a dyed-in-the-wool X-Men fan like myself can’t justify it. In addition to that, Fox just reincarnated their main X-Men franchise with First Class which is progressing forward with its own sequel.

So The Wolverine is an oddity, one that is a shining example of Fox’s stubbornness. Good thing for us fans, that stubbornness might actually be paying off.

Twitch is reporting that none other than the excellent Jessica Biel has been offered a major role in the sequel:

Jessica Biel has been offered the role of Viper, a complex character who at one point was a peer of Logan’s as well as an enemy. She was a major player in criminal organization Hydra and, in one story arc, blackmailed Logan / Wolverine into marrying her.

I am now about to enter into the world of ridiculous pontificating, so bear with me. Biel is a bankable star, one that is likely playing a character who is an agent of Hydra and has deep ties to both Wolverine and Nick Fury. We already know Sony was interested in allowing Oscorp to be used in Avengers…

I am calling it now, Jessica Biel’s character will be the first to jump studios and form the first connections between Fox’s X-Universe and Marvel’s movie-verse.