First 'Man of Steel' Teasers Arrive to Not Really Blow Us Away

First ‘Man of Steel’ Teasers Arrive to Not Really Blow Us Away

I hate to say it but we were less than overwhelmed by the first teasers for director Zack Snyder’s new, upcoming take on Superman called Man of Steel. The studio has released them today and they’re up at Yahoo Movies and MSN. Fortuntely, they don’t mind sharing.

To be honest we were expecting one or two explosions or at least somebody getting his ass handed to him by Superman. I guess we’ll see that later. Maybe the effects aren’t done yet. Or, maybe they’re just trying to show that this won’t be a “typical” Zack Snyder movie — at least not completely.

Check out both teasers after the break. Man of Steel arrives in theaters next Summer.