The Eighth 'Hobbit' Production Vlog Takes You From Dale To San Diego

The Eighth ‘Hobbit’ Production Vlog Takes You From Dale To San Diego

One of the biggest presentations this year at Comic-Con was The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey panel in Hall H. Peter Jackson and company showed off twelve minutes of new footage and a brand new production vlog.

While it is highly unlikely we will ever see the footage in its comic-con form, we have been graced with the production vlog. In fact it has even been enhanced to give us a peek at Peter Jackson’s experience at the convention itself.

Typically these vlogs do a wonderful job of making you feel apart of the larger whole that is The Hobbit production, but the additional Comic-Con aspects actually allow fans everywhere to feel, at least in a small way, like they partook in The Hobbit Comic-Con experience.

Aside from all the con goodness on the front end, the main vlog itself is also one of the better yet released. It detailed the final days of shooting, and gave us our first look at some key elements.

You can check out the full new vlog after the jump, and I am sure no one needs reminding that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hits theaters this December 14th.

Personally my favorite part was seeing Lee Pace talk about Elven fight choreography. He has always been an actor I have enjoyed, so finally getting a but of him in context to his Hobbit role is exciting. Almost as exciting as seeing Sylvester McCoy channel some of his manic Radagahst the Brown energy, even if it was sans costume.