New Trailer for 'Taken 2' Arrives

New Trailer for ‘Taken 2’ Arrives

Let’s just stipulate for the record that Liam Neeson is a badass. This is even more impressive given the fact that Neeson is 60 years old, and age when most people are starting to take it easy.

Neeson apparently didn’t get that memo because he’s back with yet another action extravaganza. This time around it’s the sequel to his previous hit Taken. The film in question is, of course, Taken 2.

There’s a new trailer for Taken 2 out now and we’ve got it for you after the break. In the new film the bad guys turn the tables and come after Neeson’s character’s family, again played by Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen.

Olivier Megaton takes over directing duties from original helmer Pierre Morel. Fox releases the sequel October 5.