Kickstarter Watch: 'Defense Grid 2' and 'Star Command'

Kickstarter Watch: ‘Defense Grid 2’ and ‘Star Command’

Last week, we brought you the Ouya on the Kickstarter Watch, a new piece of open source streaming console hardware. This week, we are bringing two PC gaming projects that are high on the Flickcast’s radar.

Back at Comic Con International a few years ago, we got our first look at Defense Grid for XBox Live Arcade. Already a successful PC game, Defense Grid was easily the best tower defense game on XBox as well. They even released a Portal themed DLC pack. Now, the team at Hidden Path looks to help fund their sequel using Kickstarter. From the looks of things, Defense Grid 2 will cost the team at Hidden Path about $1,000,000 to make.

Instead of asking for just that cool million, the team has set up a tiered system. When reaching the $250,000 goal, they will be able to fund the Defense Grid: Containment expansion. At the halfway mark of $500,000, they will be able to be able to develop a multiplayer system, something not often discussed in tower defense titles as well as a new game engine. At $750,000, level editing software and expansion to both Linux and Mac platforms becomes available. Finally, at the million dollar mark, Defense Grid 2 can be made.

Check out the full Kickstarter here and the video below. Right now, Hidden Path doesn’t look like they will be hitting that million dollar goal but there is still time left to contribute. One awesome thing is that even if Defense Grid 2 isn’t fully funded by the Kickstarter, supporters will still receive it digitally once development is completed through self funding.

One of the most sought after iOS games is known as Space Command. Sadly, it is not currently up on the App Store. But it should be up soon. What we have also found is that the team at Star Command is looking to bring it to the PC and Mac. In its 16-bit glory, Star Command is already more than 100% funded. Backing it now would basically create a preorder for the game which as both awesome gameplay and a fantastic sense of humor.

Still available for backers of the Star Command PC and Mac release who want more than just the basic game are some awesome incentives. Smaller backers can get their name listed in the game credits, a t-shirt, digital art book, soundtrack tracks or a poster. Sadly, the 2 top tier levels are both already sold out. These included being created as an in game character or helping create an alien race for the game. That’s why it is important to get in on these Kickstarter campaigns early.

Take a peek at the Kickstarter page and get your copy of Star Command in the hopper for only $10 to start and check out their video below.