'Doctor Who' TV-Movie Coming for Show's 50th Anniversary

‘Doctor Who’ TV-Movie Coming for Show’s 50th Anniversary

Some of us here at The Flickcast are fanatical fans of the BBC’s long running show Doctor Who. Others are not quite as enthusiastic, and that’s okay. To each his or her own.

Still, no matter your thoughts or feelings about the show, there’s no denying it’s very popular with millions of people around the world. Obviously, the BBC knows what they’ve got and are giving fans of the show a little something extra to celebrate Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary.

That’s right, the show — who’s last season was the most-watched series ever on BBC America and the most downloaded on iTunes — is getting a TV-movie. The special will be called An Adventure In Space And Time and will highlight the genesis of the character. It will air next year.

Until then, the latest Doctor Who series (season) starts in the UK this month and comes to BBC America in the Fall.