Comics Legend Joe Kubert Passes Away at 85

Comics Legend Joe Kubert Passes Away at 85

Yesterday, the comics world lost one of its legends. Both an amazing artist and creator, Joe Kubert is one of the true icons in the world of comic illustration. Kubert’s career began in the 1940s and spanned up until 2011. Aside from being a major force behind iconic characters such as the golden and silver age Hawkman and then later Sgt. Rock, Kubert has been named as an influence to many of today’s top artists.

Some sources say that Joe got his start in comics at only 12 years old when he had the opportunity to ink a rush job for Archie for $5 a page, which was a hefty payday back in 1938. After attending Manhattan’s High School of Music and Art, Kubert made his way to All-American Comics (which would become DC Comics). In 1945, Joe would begin his first work on Hawkman in issue #62 of The Flash in 1945.

Joe would be a major proponent of 3D, producing Three Dimension Comics #1 which sold an astounding 1.2 million copies. In 1976, Joe would found the Kubert School which still exists to this day. During his career, Joe would receive multiple awards and be inducted into the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1997 and the Eisner Hall of Fame in 1998

Thank you Joe for what you did for comics. Your career has lasted almost as long as modern comics themselves have. Without some of the amazing pages you have worked on, there wouldn’t have been the same inspiration for many of today’s great artists to put out the work they have. Without your school, many of today’s best may have never been able to properly hone their craft. Even though you are gone, we will always have your work to look back on.

Joe Kubert lost his wife of 57 years Muriel in 2008. He is survived by his five children and numerous grandchildren.