Kickstarter Watch: 'Planetary Annihilation'

Kickstarter Watch: ‘Planetary Annihilation’

One of the great things about Kickstarter is that varied levels game design that come forth from its plethora of projects. While some games are simple iOS titles that can be funded for less than a year’s tuition at a prestigious university, others are incredibly ambitious projects that a publisher might not yet have the faith in backing yet. A perfect example of that is Planetary Annihilation.

When you look at the Kickstarter trailer below for Planetary Annihilation, you’ll see this isn’t like just any other RTS. From the team that brought Total Annihilation and Monday Night Combat, Uber Entertainment Inc realized that the RTS genre isn’t one that publishers were flocking towards but knew that there are still hardcore fans who want more than just the few big budget titles that are currently on shelves.

One thing that stood out to them was that even though a lot of futuristic RTS games took place in space, they were scaled down battles with a focus on a few small units of characters. Planetary Annihilation will have players traveling through planets, on to moons, into asteroid belts and even destroying planets

One thing that stood out already was the art style. It is almost as if Spore met Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. With epic tech and a fully explorable world with surrounding planets, the battles already feel bigger. Need reinforcements? Manufacture them from the moon and have them get sent down planetside right into the heat of battle. Or just shatter an entire planet by launching an asteroid at it. The scale of battles will also be determined by the amount of players involved, ranging from a single player versus bot scenario to a twelve person death match for galactic control.

With just under four weeks to go, Planetary Annihilation is more than a quarter of the way funded. If you are an RTS fan, this looks like a great investment, especially considering there are still “early bird” specials to get the game at a discounted price, including Beta access. And for the most egotistical gamer, Uber will create a custom in-game commander that looks just like the player for merely a $1,000 donation.

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