The Upcoming Season Of 'The Office' Will Be Its Swan Song

The Upcoming Season Of ‘The Office’ Will Be Its Swan Song

While doing the promoting rounds for Season 9 of The Office, series mastermind Greg Daniels has been pretty open about the fate of the show. The upcoming season will be the last hurrah of the Dunder Mifflin staff we all know and love.

Daniels is also telling people to expect a more ‘arc-heavy’ season with several long-standing recurring ties finally being answered. Perhaps some of the more intriguing of those ties will be the ultimate reveal of who the documentary filmmakers are, and of course the final revelation of who the Stanton Strangler is.

At some point during the last season we will be introduced to Dwight’s extended family and the stars of the spin-off series, The Farm. Casting is underway now to film a back door pilot during the season that will lead to the show most likely premiering next fall in place of the departing Office.

People have expressed some issues with the show since the departure of Steve Carrell, but I honestly feel the show has maintained a really solid core of characters you can care about in interesting situations. That said, the show has always had a good track record of bringing back former cast members for important stories, so hopefully we can see Michael Scott return and make everyone happy one more time.

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