Jury Finds for Apple in Apple Vs. Samsung Patent Lawsuit

This comes directly from the “obvious to anyone with eyes” department. In a unanimous decision the jury in the landmark case of Apple vs. Samsung has found that Samsung did infringe on Apple’s patents with a number of its devices.

Samsung has also been found guilty of willful infringement for most patents for most of the company’s devices. In addition, all of Apple’s patents were found to be valid, leaving Samsung with no damages being awarded and in a pretty bad positon.

The jury has awarded Apple over $1 Billion in damages. I guess a billion dollars is pretty cool.

What does this mean for the tech industry? It’s too soon to tell, but it probably means we can look forward to an Apple vs. Google/Motorola lawsuit soon enough.

It also probably means that companies are going to have to work a lot harder to differentiate their devices from Apple’s. Well, at least the very successful ones like Samsung will. HTC is probably pretty safe. And Nokia. Sorry guys.

More on this as it develops. . .

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