Box Office Report: 'The Expendables 2' Leads Again In A Deja Vu Weekend

Box Office Report: ‘The Expendables 2’ Leads Again In A Deja Vu Weekend

It is weekends like this that really tempt me to just copy and paste last week’s report. The top 3 remained the same and no new movie could do better than seventh place in another mundane, ho-hum late summer weekend.

The top of the charts was once again highlighted by the under-performing Expendables 2 which brought in another $13+ Million. In retrospect, even though the film is not doing the same business of its R-Rated predecessor, taking the top spot two weeks in a row might be enough of a win to help get a third go-round green lit.

Once again The Bourne Legacy came in second, even still it is on pace to be the lowest performer of the franchise. Of course if you look at it in the wrong context that sounds bad, but when you realize all the factors working against the film it actually did about as well as any one should have reasonably expected.

The best news of the weekend is the strong hold of the third place film ParaNorman. The stop motion animated film is fantastic, and really should be seen by as many people as possible, so it is very heartening to see it dip a relativity minor 38%. The movie isn’t going to get much more business than the stop motion average, but it is still nice to see it have a positive weekend among such a dreadful weekend at the movies.

The new movies of the weekend all sucked, just awful performers every one. So lets look to next week shall we, certainly something has to come out that has a chance to make some noise right? Next week’s films: A Wednesday release of Lawless and The Possession… crap.