Epix And Amazon Join Forces As Exclusivity Deal With Netflix Runs Out

Netflix has had a rather rough year, and today’s news only adds a bit more salt into some open wounds. Just days after their exclusivity deal with up and coming premium movie channel Epix expires, one of their biggest competitors has signed on, greatly enhancing their instant library.

Deadline reports that Epix has just reached a deal with Amazon to provide their content through their Prime Instant Video service:

The arrangement more than doubles Amazon Prime Instant Video’s offerings, and knocks some of the wind out of its chief competitor: Netflix. The streaming video company’s shares were down about 10% shortly after the market opened this morning… “We think customers will really enjoy watching new titles like The Avengers, Iron Man 2 and The Hunger Games on their Kindle Fire, PlayStation 3, Xbox, iPad or any of the other of the Amazon Instant Video compatible devices,” says Amazon VP Bill Carr.

While it doesn’t appear that Netflix will be losing any of this content, it is certainly a blow to see Amazon now offer more and more first run, popular content on their streaming service. It is also said that now that Epix is free from the exclusivity contracts it had with Netflix it is looking at other services to partner with as well. A move that is a boon to the public, but just another body blow to the company that changed how we digest film.

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