By The Power Of Deductive Reasoning We Can Say We Think The iPhone 5 Will Be Announced Next Week

That huge and oh so subtle image above is an invitation Apple has recently sent out to press the world over. Apple is having an event on the 12th of September and we wonder what on earth they could possibly be unveiling. Besides of course from the rumored iPod Touch Maxi, or iPad Mini, which ever you prefer.

Usually there is a little bit of a guessing game when ever an expected major Apple product is near, but this is clear. Some one over at the Apple marketing department must have gone on an all day DaVinci Code and National Treasure bender to come up with this brain buster.

Mockery aside, finally getting real news about the iPhone 5 will be welcome. We have been speculating about this mythic beast of mass commercialism for a long time now, and it will be nice to put some of the crazier speculation to rest for a little while.

For those unfamiliar with Apple’s general release strategy, you can expect the iPhone 5 to hit stores within a month or so of the announcement. So if you have visions of being a first adopter to this technology of the gods than you might want to go stake out a spot in front of your local Apple store right now.

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