Gameplay Trailer for 'Transformers Universe' Lets Players See Inside This Browser MMO

Gameplay Trailer for ‘Transformers Universe’ Lets Players See Inside This Browser MMO

There is no shortage of MMO options for the nerds of the world out there. There is fantasy RPG, Star Wars, futuristic shooters and everything else you can imagine. But what might be lacking is robotic car combat. Enter Transformers Universe.

We caught a glimpse for Transformers Universe last year at New York Comic Con but it was only character models. Though originally slated for 2012, we are just getting a first glimpse of gameplay in the new trailer and screens below. From what the trailer shows, Transformers Universe will be getting pushed back until 2013. As with any game delay though, we’d always rather see a game get the polish it deserves rather than be rushed out the door to meet a deadline and end up feeling unfinished or broken.

In the trailer and screens below, we get a first glimpse of the game in action. Character models are a happy medium between the hyper detail “futuristic” look of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and the cartoonish nature of Transformers Prime. Bot on bot combat is shown, both in melee and firefights and there are some great shots of the vehicles going too.

What can be a little worrisome though is what isn’t seen in the trailer. The world itself seems fairly empty and static. Aside from the character models, not much is going on and even though it is a human city, there isn’t a person seen in the entire trailer aside from the one motorcycle at the start. One would expect a scene (and Lord forgive me for using this as an example) like the Michael Bay movies where people are fleeing the streets in terror and reacting to what is going on around them. There is also a distinct lack of in-game transformation footage as well as Autobot and Decepticon go from robot to vehicle mode. But we try to remain optimistic until we have had the opportunity to play the title hands on.

Transformers Universe is coming to browsers in 2013 and will work on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.