Get Your First Look at the First Issue of Marvel Now's 'Fantastic Four'

Get Your First Look at the First Issue of Marvel Now’s ‘Fantastic Four’

Even though the Fantastic Four movies weren’t all that memorable, at least we still have the comics to enjoy. And now, as part of Marvel’s new ‘Marvel Now’ initiative, there’s a new Fantastic Four comic just around the corner.

Written by Matt Fraction with art by Mark Bagley, the new series features, as Marvel puts it:

Four adults. Two kids. One FantastiCar. NOW! Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben – along with Franklin and Valeria – begin their epic journey through all of infinite time and space!

An all-new direction! All-new adventures! This is Fantastic Four NOW!

As usual, Marvel loves exclamation points. Who doesn’t?!!! Well, you get the idea.

Anyway, we’ve got previews for the new comic after the break so go and check them out. Look for Fantastic Four #1 to arrive in comic shops, and via digital download, on November 14.

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