Aspen Comics Announces 2013 Line-up: Lady Mechanika, Soulfire, and ’10 for 10′

Fans of Aspen Comics will be excited to hear what the publisher has in store for 2013. At Long Beach Comic & Horror Con, Aspen announced new volumes for its popular titles Lady Mechanika and Soulfire are set to come out in the New Year. However, the biggest news is that in celebration of their 10th anniversary, Aspen will release a new comic every month starting in February and each comic will only cost a dollar. Yes, a single dollar.

First up in what Aspen is calling “10 for 10” is a new title, Legend of the Shadow Clan, which is a modern ninja tale. Other titles to follow include Shrugged Vol. 2, a new issue of Awaken Skies, Overtaken, and more. New volumes of Aspen’s series Executive Assistant: Assassins, Idolized, Homecoming, Broken Pieces, Fathom Kiani, Dead Man’s Run, and Zooniverse are also in the works. Last but not least, the company’s first novel, The Lost Spark by J.T. Krull (the creator of Soulfire), will be in stores this January.

Check out the cover for two of the “10 for 10” comics, Legend of the Shadow Clan and Shrugged Vol. 2 below and see what Aspen Comics already has available at

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