The New 'Last Exorcism: Part 2' Trailer Arrives to Try and Scare You

The New ‘Last Exorcism: Part 2’ Trailer Arrives to Try and Scare You


As sequels go, making one for a movie called “The Last” something seems kinda like a bit of the old bait and switch. But really who are we to judge, right? Anyway, that’s just what CBS Films has done (made a sequel, that is) for the movie The Last Exorcism.

The new one, featuring the clever title The Last Exorcism 2, has a new trailer that’s just been released. In it, we see the movie basically picks up where the first one left off and features Ashley Bell back again as the girl tormented by a bit of a demon problem.

Check out the trailer after the break. And yes, it’s not teriffic, per se. It does have something though and we kinda liked it. Perhaps we’re just very, very tired.

Look for the movie to arrive on March 1.