Some Oscar Predictions and Such from Our Fearless Leader

Some Oscar Predictions and Such from Our Fearless Leader


It would seem like Oscar prediction articles should appear on a website like this one, especially if the predictor in question happens to be in charge around here. But for some reason, our Editor-in-Chief Chris Ullrich has decided to plant his predictions flag over at his personal website instead.

However, even if if we don’t understand his motives, we’re sure he has some. Well, pretty sure anyway. Some of his predictions are easy to understand and others are more of the “wish fulfillment” variety. But even if we don’t completely agree with his predictions, or his reasons for making them, the insignt offered into the whole awards “thing” is still quite interesting.

At this point this post probably seems a bit on the self-serving side, and in truth, it kinda is. However, that doesn’t mean the article doesn’t have actual merit. It does.

Check out some of his predictions, and the reasons behind them, after the break. For the rest, check out the full article.

Best Actor

Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook
Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln
Hugh Jackman in Les Misérables
Joaquin Phoenix in The Master
Denzel Washington in Flight

I’m torn right off the bat. On the surface it seems Daniel Day-Lewis should have this one locked up. He basically channeled Lincoln in the movie and from the first moment he’s on screen, he owns. Still, people really seem to love Hugh Jackman (and you can’t blame them really) and he’s playing a pretty well known character in a pretty well known musical, so it could end up being him.

As for the rest of the nominees, as much as I love Denzel, this feels more like a courtesy nomination, so I don’t think it will be him. Joaquin Phoenix won’t get it either because he’s been better in other things. Plus, nobody is going to give props to a movie that basically rips Scientology a new one. Not in today’s Hollywood.

This brings me to Bradley Cooper. Not bad for a guy who played what my friends and I used to call “Casual Will” on Alias. Good for you Bradley, but this isn’t your year. This is also a courtesy nomination. Don’t worry, you’ll get ‘em next time — or maybe the time after that.

Who should win? Hugh Jackman
Who will win? Daniel Day-Lewis

And it goes on like that.