TV Recap: ‘Arrow’ Episode 111 – ‘Trust But Verify’

TV Recap: ‘Arrow’ Episode 111 – ‘Trust But Verify’

Trust But Verify

There have been a series of armored truck robberies, and Oliver is seeing a pattern. He thinks there is a military connection, and one of the names on his list has a military background – Ted Gaynor. Gaynor also happens to have been Diggle’s commanding officer in the military. Diggle can’t believe that the head of a security company would be on the list. Diggle asks Oliver to let him investigate before he does anything.

Malcolm calls Tommy and wants to take him and Laurel out for dinner. Tommy is skeptical, but Laurel talks him into it. She thinks that maybe he wants to reconcile. After a nice dinner, Malcolm’s true intentions are finally made known. He wants Tommy to sign off on demolishing the free clinic his dead mother founded. Tommy storms off, and Malcolm shows even more coldness towards Laurel.

Oliver goes to Black Hawk Squad protection to confront Gaynor, but Diggle thwarts him. In the melee, Oliver steals a flash drive. He brings it to Felicity to have her decode it. She finds a map of armored car routes as well as pictures of grenade launchers. This proves that someone at Black Hawk is involved, even if it isn’t Gaynor.

While out with Thea for a family birthday day, Malcolm calls Moira away. He tells her that Carl Ballard is trying to ‘gentrify the glades’, and he needs to be stopped. In return, Moira wants proof that Walter is still alive. Thea is watching from outside the boardroom, and is now convinced that Malcolm and Moira are having an affair.

With the information that Felicity has given him, Oliver manages to stop the next armored truck robbery. Oliver tells Diggle to look for a damaged company van. Diggle finds a van at Black Hawk with blood in the back, as well as a generic cable company logo under the Black Hawk logo.

Diggle is caught by fellow employee Knox, who is in on the robbery scheme. It turns out that Ted Gaynor is the kingpin of the robberies, and needs to make one more score since their last one was foiled. He blackmails Diggle into joining them, as they have kidnapped his sister in law. Diggle has no choice but to agree.

Diggle is the front man of the robbery, blocking the armored truck and firing a smoke grenade into the truck. Diggle jumps out of the way at the last second, and the armored truck escapes. Diggle fires the grenade at the other crew members, allowing his sister in law to run away. Diggle tracks down Gaynor and they have a stand off. Gaynor tells Diggle there is no way he would shoot him. Diggle is struggling to pull the trigger when Oliver shoots Gaynor with an arrow.

At her big 18th birthday party, Thea’s friends give her some Vertigo, a hot new drug. She goes to put it upstairs, and catches Malcolm with Moira again. Malcolm was showing Moira a picture of Walter on his phone, but Thea assumes it is the affair in full swing again. Thea tells Moira that she wishes it had been her in the boat crash instead of her father, and takes off.

Thea is shown driving her car erratically, having most likely taken the drugs that she was given for her birthday. She swerves to avoid another car, and crashes her new car in a ditch. At the hospital she pushes Moira away still. Oliver and Thea are leaving the hospital when Thea is arrested for DUI for having Vertigo in her system when she crashed her car.

The episode ends with a flashback to Oliver’s days on the island. The Chinese man who had been helping him survive on the island turns out to have been working with the crew of men that are policing the “jail” island all along. Oliver risked his life to save a man that was never actually on his side. This explains Oliver’s lack of trust in most everyone.