Kristen Wiig Joins The Cast Of 'Anchorman 2'

Kristen Wiig Joins The Cast Of ‘Anchorman 2’

r-KRISTEN-WIIG-large570We live in a glorious bubble of  time. We know Anchorman 2 is going to come out, it has been green lit, it has begun production, and Will Ferrell is sporting a wicked ‘stache. The film exists on a pedestal of excitement that is likely not going to by the finished product. So for these fleeting few months the concept of Anchorman 2 is simply bliss.

Yet while we live in our cocoon anticipation, productions moves steadily on. Often times a new movie means new faces, and Deadline has the scoop on one very funny addition to the Anchorman 2 cast:

Paramount insiders tonight confirmed to me what Christina Applegate tweeted a few hours ago: “So excited Kristen Wiig has joined our cast forAnchorman 2.” The sequel formally titled Anchorman: The Legend stars Will Ferrell and Steve Carell plus Wiig in what the studio says is a “new role”.

Kristen Wiig was very much the Will Ferrell of her SNL generation, often stealing skits just by being on stage, so to see her enter the Anchorman world makes a ton of sense. Wiig has been successfully making the jump from the ‘not ready for prime-time players’ to big screen in the last few years, and landing a new role among such a star-studded cinematic comedy event only further establishes her rising star.

Adam McKay seems to have the absolute right mindset going into thee sequel to such a beloved modern classic. It would be folly to try to put lightning in the bottle again, so instead just fill the film with all our favorite character and let them live in a world where everyone has a familiar, funny, face.

Anchorman 2 is setting up to, at the very least, be a ton of fun. The film might not have all of the pizzaz of the original, but it should be wall to wall smiles, and the addition of Kristen Wiig goes a long way towards fulfilling that promise.

You can check out Anchorman 2 this winter, and stay tuned to The Flickcast for any more news from 2013’s most anticipated comedy.