Look Ahead to the Return of 'Grimm' and 'Revolution'

Look Ahead to the Return of ‘Grimm’ and ‘Revolution’


Two TV shows, alike in network but not in story. Two returns to the air a short time away. Therefore, as we often do, we’ve got previews for the return of Grimm, one of our favorite shows, and Revolution, a show that’s starting to grow on us.

In the previews you can see a bit of a recap of the past season so far and, of course, some hints about what to expect for the rest of the season. Naturally, NBC doesn’t reveal too much, because that would spoil the fun.

Anyway, enough from us, let’s get to the previews. They can be found, as these things usually can, after the break.

Look for Revolution to return Monday, March 25th at 10/9C and Grimm to come back on Friday, March 8th at 9/8C.