TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 310 – ‘Home’

TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 310 – ‘Home’

walking dead home

Rick is gathering material on one of the ramps above the prison. He is keeping eyes on Michonne, when he sees the woman in white down by the graveyard. He goes down to see her, but she disappears. She is now outside of the gates, and this time when Rick follows her, we do see that it is Lori. Lori is caressing Rick’s face, and we see a shot of Michonne looking at Rick, and he is just standing there by himself.

The Governor goes to see Andrea, commending her on her speech that rallied the townspeople. He tells Andrea that he is not going to retaliate against Rick’s crew, so long as they stay away. He says that he screwed up Woodbury, and is not fit to lead. But Andrea is. He needs some time to get himself together, and wants Andrea to fill in for him. At this point, I am wondering how naïve can Andrea actually be.

Merle and Daryl are hunting in the woods, with no luck. Daryl is trying to convince Merle to go back to the prison. Merle thinks they have made Daryl soft. Plus, as Merle believes, Rick’s crew will all be dead soon, as he is sure The Governor will go after them.

Carl is showing Glenn where Tyreese’s group entered the prison, so they can try and figure out where the breach is. Glenn is enraged and wants to just go over to Woodbury and kill The Governor himself. Herschel tries to calm him down, and they instead get into an argument over whether to hold ground at the prison or leave. Glenn is getting angrier and angrier, and taking a bigger responsibility role within the group.

The Governor goes to see Milton, asking him if he is going to stay or not. Milton pledges his loyalty to The Governor, and The Governor asks him to keep an on Andrea, as he does trust her. So much for her being a perfect fit to lead the town, and how much he needs her.

Andrea is trying to find Martinez and The Governor, but no one will tell her where they went. Another great example of her leadership skills.

Walkers are getting into the tombs of the prison, and Glenn wants to go check the outskirts of the prison to see how they are getting in. He wants Maggie to go with him, but she is cold to him. He tells her that they need to talk, and she snaps at him, telling about what The Governor did to her, and asking him if he is happy know that he knows. Glenn tries to console her, but she slaps his hand away. She seems unreasonably angry with Glenn and I can’t figure out why. Last week I didn’t even know what they were mad at each other about. I guess having a reason is better than not.

Axel and Carol are putting together some protective shields in case Woodbury attacks. Axel reveals to Carol that he was in jail for armed robbery, but he used a fake gun. The cops found a real gun at his brother’s house, and said it was his. It looks like Carol is falling for Axel. What is it with these women that any man who pays them a second of attention, they fall in love with them? Seems like there wouldn’t be time for that during Armageddon. Maggie and Glenn makes sense, nothing else does.

While looking for a nearby creek to do some fishing, Daryl hears a baby crying. Merle is convinced it is two animals in heat. There are two men on a bridge fighting off some walkers, while a mother and her baby are trapped in a car. Daryl helps the men against the walkers, while Merle shoots one walker and was basically no help.

After helping these people, Merle now wants to take some of their supplies, figuring they owe them for helping them. Daryl points his crossbow at Merle and makes sure the people can escape unharmed.

Merle and Daryl argue, and it is revealed that their father beat them both as children. Merle left home, and basically left Daryl alone with their father. Daryl defends the group, saying that Merle put himself in his situation based on how he treated everyone. Merle reveals that he and Daryl were going to rob the group at the beginning. Daryl is going back to the prison, telling Merle that he has left him again.

Herschel tries to calm down Glenn, telling him that his rage is going to get him killed. Glenn says that with Daryl gone and Rick freaking out he is in charge now. Glenn takes off to go check the other side of the prison.

Rick is wandering around the perimeter of the gates, and Herschel calls out to him. Herschel wants Rick to come back, because Glenn is reckless. Rick confesses to Herschel that he is seeing Lori. He also tells Herschel that Lori and Shane were the ones talking to him on the phone. Herschel confirms that Rick is waiting for a re-appearance. I thought at first that Rick meant he was waiting to see Shane, but I have no idea why. Maybe he was waiting to see Lori again to find out why she was appearing to him.

Axel and Carol are flirting in the courtyard when Axel is shot in the head. We see The Governor outside the gates with a gun. Martinez is in the woods shooting at Rick and Herschel. There is someone in the tower shooting at Carol, who is using Axel’s body as a shield.

Maggie and Beth come out of the prison with guns, and help Carol get to a safe spot. Carol, Beth and Carl are shooting from behind a wall, and Maggie is behind an old filing cabinet. The shootout continues until an old ice cream or newspaper trucks comes crashing through the gates of the prison. The back opens up, and a bunch of walkers are released into the courtyard. What appears to be a woman in battle gear comes out of the truck. I thought it might be Andrea, but the fact that she didn’t even know where The Governor was means it probably wasn’t her.

Rick is trying to fight off the walker on the outside, and is about to be overpowered, when Daryl and Merle arrive and help kill them all. Glenn comes back at this time, and they put Herschel in his truck. With the walkers killed, it leaves Rick, Daryl, and Merle on the outside, and everyone else on the inside. There are loose walkers caged in between them. As the others looks outside, Glenn puts his hand on Maggie’s shoulder, and she puts her hand on his.