Kickstarter Watch: ‘Legends of the Knight’ Batman Documentary

Kickstarter Watch: ‘Legends of the Knight’ Batman Documentary

Legends of the Knight

Most of what you have seen in the past on the Kickstarter Watch has been gaming related. For the most part, we don’t even get a chance to look at every Kickstarter campaign email that gets sent to us because there are so many out there. But when we got the press release about Legends of the Knight using Kickstarter to help them finish off production, there was something special about this project that made us click through and watch the trailer (which you can see embedded at the bottom of this article).

Growing up as lifelong comics fans, it was impossible to not know who Batman was. Whether you were a Marvel guy or even didn’t like Superman because he was just too powerful, almost everyone in or around the industry has a soft spot for the Batman.

Batman was always the super hero that felt attainable. He didn’t have super powers and in the end was still a man under all his gear and fancy cars. But he was the man who could go toe to toe with the worst of the worst and overcome any adversity. He was the one who was able to save a city shrouded in darkness and maniacs. Heck, he was the only man who could ever go toe to toe with Superman. He took the worst thing anyone could ever have to go through by losing his parents and made himself in to a symbol that he was not afraid to persevere and stand up to all the things wrong in the world.

And that is why he inspired us. In Legends of the Knight, the story of Batman isn’t just told as a history of the writers and artists who put him on a printed page. It is instead the legacy that Batman carries. In this documentary, you’ll see the interviews and stories of those whose lives were profoundly influenced by the Dark Knight. Director and producer Brett Culp gives us an exploration in to the heart and soul of a character that is usually best known for lurking in shadow and gives some perspective on the impact he has had on the lives of so many.

Take a minute and check out the trailer below for the Legends of the Knight Kickstarter and if you can, don’t hesitate to donate to this Kickstarter campaign. Though it is almost at its goal by the time this is going live just two days after it launched, all revenue after the cost of the film will be donated to charity so it is really a win for everyone involved.

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