TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 115 – ‘Dodger’

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 115 – ‘Dodger’

arrow-dodger-1A very nervous security guard steals a ruby on display at a museum. He goes around the corner and hands it to a man who disarms a bomb that was wrapped around his neck.

Oliver’s next name on the list is a man named Ken Williams. Felicity sees that he is a single father, and tries to keep Oliver from going. Oliver assures her he is only going to warn the man. Nonetheless, Felicity says it was a mistake for her to have said she would help.

Flashbacks are peppered throughout the episode showing Oliver going back to Yao’s cave to retrieve some medicinal herbs, as Slade’s arm is badly infected. While there, Oliver runs into a man who says that the soldiers captured him after a boat crash.

Oliver is torn as to whether or not the help him, but ultimately decides not to. It shows how he has had to make tough decisions on and off the island. I was convinced the man was a trap set by Fyers. We’ll have to see if it maybe Fyers men followed Oliver back to Slade’s hideout.

Moira has enlisted the help of a man named Frank, telling him that she wants out. She knows that Robert had gone to Frank before, so she knows she can trust him. Frank tells her that Robert also died because of it, and it should server as a cautionary tale.

Oliver and Diggle go to the office to find Felicity. Diggle fears she may go to the police, but Oliver knows she won’t. They are able to convince her to come back after details of “The Dodger” show up on the news. He is the jewel thief shown at the beginning of the episode, and he has killed a man he was trying to fence the ruby to.

Diggle, Felicity, and Oliver are eating at Carly’s restaurant, trying to figure out how to find The Dodger. Felicity can tell that Carly likes Diggle, and Diggle tells Felicity that Oliver likes McKenna. Somehow this leads to a man-up contest, and Diggle asks out Carly. Felicity tells Oliver if he can get close to McKenna, he can put a transmitter in her phone. While completing this mission, Oliver asks out McKenna.

Laurel is telling Thea about what her company does when a man steals Thea’s purse. He gets away, but drops a wallet chain. Thea is able to trace it to a man named Roy Harper. Quentin questions Roy, and he tells a sob story of a Vertigo addicted mother with medical bills that they can’t pay. Thea tells them to just let him go.

Thea later goes to visit Roy, and he assumes she is there to help him so she can brag to her rich friends. She just wants her purse back. He actually gives it to her, and tells her not to believe all the sob stories people tell. I assume that means he was lying about having a sick mother. And the fact that they gave him a name makes me think he will back in some capacity later on. Full disclosure, I have never read a single issue of the comic book. So if this is a well-known common knowledge character, I would have no idea.

Diggle makes the mistake of bringing up his brother (Carly’s dead husband) during their date, totally ruining the mood. McKenna wants to know about Oliver’s time on the island, and he brushes her away. Not a good start for Diggle and Oliver to say the least. Though they do end up apologizing to their respective ladies and reconciling. Though I’m not totally sure that Oliver actually wants McKenna, or if he just wants the information she has.

Oliver gets a tip on a new fence that The Dodger may be using to get rid of the ruby. The police raid the exchange, and The Dodger escapes. Oliver corners him, but The Dodger sets off a bomb and gets away.

Oliver plans to lure The Dodger to a fancy auction with some rare jewels from the Queen family collection. It works, and The Dodger swipes the jewels. When Felicity tries to stop him, he puts a neck bomb on her.

While Diggle tries to diffuse the bomb, Oliver goes after The Dodger, swiping a motorcycle to give chase. Oliver confronts The Dodger, and vanquishes him much easier than usual. He releases the bomb remotely.

Frank tells Moira that “they” have agreed to meet with her. Moira wants Frank to try and get any clues he can from Malcolm as to where Walter is being held. Moira’s secret meeting turns out to be with China White. She wants White to kill Malcolm Merlyn.

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