Monday Freeview: 'Bombermine'

Monday Freeview: ‘Bombermine’

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Welcome to the Monday Freeview, the newest weekly feature here at The Flickcast that gives you the heads up on entertainment that comes at everyone’s favorite price: $Free.99. Every Monday we’re going to take a look at the latest and greatest in free entertainment whether it is free games, trial periods, apps or just about anything else geek that isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg… Well actually it won’t cost you anything because, as we said, it’s free.

This week we’re going to take a peek at Bombermine. No, don’t worry, it isn’t a Minecraft ripoff unlike 95% of XBox Indie Marketplace. It is actually a reimagining of the Bomberman series but in glorious MMO fashion. When you hop into Bombermine, you find yourself in a seemingly unending map with just a single bomb as you try to take out as many competitors as you can in each game’s 20 minute time period. Like classic Bomberman, players collect increased bomb capacity, bomb intensity and speed along with various other power-ups and power-downs.

Upgraded from the original formula is the ability to walk in a diagonal fashion which completely changes the way people get to escape tight spots. There are also strong indie influences as certain special abilities are reflected in ways a licensed Bomberman never would have been able to. First is the slow down power-down which actually turns the player for a limited time into Slowpoke from the Pokemon series. Additionally  players may find themselves in the skin of the infamous Nyan Cat which of course carries Nyan bombs that radiate rainbow-like colors and of course does increased damage.

The funny thing is it took an indie team to do what people have been dying to get from Hudson for years, to create a larger battle arena for Bomberman players. No one wanted that terrible “darker” Bomberman character from the remake in the early days of the XBox 360. They just wanted more ways to blow up more people and now, they get to do it for free.

Bombermine can be played for free just by going to its website, or you can follow them on their Twitter @BomberMine. But just a heads up, because of the quickly growing popularity of the game the servers take a beating during high traffic times and since the game is free they might not have it up and running immediately.

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